Google Loves You! But you need to love Google back!

In order for you to return the love, you need to nurture it. As Google’s love grows; it increases your page ranking for your business page.

Definite Image Productions Google Business Page
An example of what a Google business page looks like during a quick Google search

Turn your Google Business Page into the centre of your social universe and drive traffic to your page from your other social media accounts. It’s the ultimate way to give your business the visibility it deserves online, at a lower cost than any other online directory!

What is a Google Business Page?

Google Business Page is your business’ listing on Google that allows it to show up on the map as a verified business, and gives quick information directly on the search page for the user to see. It is your online key to being visible and credible.

What to Post on Your Google Business Page

Simply search the web for articles, blogs, write ups or images that reflect your business or are of interest to your client base:

Choose different items, for instance

  •        News about the new up in-coming trends within your industry
  •        Local stories, that reflect your vision
  •        Success stories
  •        An article that reflects your business strategies or mission

How to Share Your Post on other platforms

Now that your post is a part of your updated wall, “Click” on the little arrow on the top right corner of your post

Select “Link to Post” and copy it.

  • Go to any one of your social Media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Paste the link into a new post
  • Add a comment (can be similar to the comment you already entered )
  • NOTE: Linking from Google Business Page does not usually show an Image of the post on other social media so you may want to add an image to the post.
  • Go ahead and Post it. Great job you are now connected

We suggest keep posting on a regular basis, and sharing on your social media accounts. This way your customers can see that you are present and have an interest in keeping them informed and engaged. Bringing awareness to your Google Business Page by linking!

Having your business visible on a map is essential if you want to be found

For more information contact us today, it would be our pleasure to walk you through the process on how to make your Google Business Page the best it can be!